Friday, February 22, 2008

There's a place I like to hide, a doorway that I run through in the night

What's up people, only 9 days have gone by since my last blog. See I'm getting better at this thing. It's been really cold here, but no snow. It's actually starting to warm up, I think it might be 20 degrees out now. I watched a little bit of the NBA all star game last weekend. It's nice to see that they're letting some white guys play now. I was so bad at basketball, in school I used to get picked after the arabs. The "captain" would be like: ok I want Andre White (wink wink) DeMarco Brown, uh..Jose Hernadez, Ching Chang, Shekie Islamamama...and oh shit, ok I guess we'll take Waber too, since you guys don't want him. Oh well, it's good to see now we're getting back in the game. I'm not saying that white guys need to take over the sport, I'm just saying let's get a few more in there. One of the classes I take now is a science class up at the local "technical college". And by technical, they mean "Technically, we're a fucking joke of an institution, but we need money, and you need a degree, so let's make some bad decisions together." (I think I've heard that from girls in Kalamazoo before). I knew this place was going to be different when I first walked into the admissions office, sat down in an advisor's office, who could have won a Bobcat Goldwaith lookalike contest, and I look at him and say: Hello, I am interested in attending your school". Him: Blank Stare Me: "Ok, um, I am interested in attending your school" Him: Blank Stare (no, I swear I'm not making this up) Me: (Trying not to be phased by this) "Um, ok, I have transcripts, and I paid my application fee so I guess I just need to talk to you about what classes I need to take this semester for my major." Him:"Did you pay your application fee and send in your transcripts?" Me: "What day do you have off so I can try this again?". Come on people. Anyway, so one of my classes is a science class. And of course it is environmental science, so they talk about "global warming". Please motherfucker, it's been colder than a witch's titty this winter, and I don't just mean here in Wisconsin, I mean all over. I'll believe in global warming when I can sit outside in just my shorts and a t-shirt in mid January in Wisconsin and be able to find my pecker. Hippies, I'll believe in global warming when you guys start bathing. It's called the natural cycle of the earth folks! This shit has been going on since the Flying Spaghetti Monster ( created the world. Oh, ok here's an idea: Every man with the last name Peterson who has a decent or hot wife needs to be rounded up and put in jail before they kill their wives. So far the Peterson's have 3 (i'm counting 2 of the cop's wifes). But I don't actually think Scott Peterson did it. He had a shitty lawyer, he was screwing some tramp that only wanted to extort money to get her own 'massage parlor' and finally they keep finding dead women in the same area they found his wife. Interesting. I want to drink again. I was at Sam's Club today and I saw Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum, and a whole bunch of other trouble making booze and I got all sentimental. Kristen wouldn't let me, something about my medication not working. I couldn't hear her, the voice in my head was telling me to grab that bottle of Bombay Sapphire because it was such a great sale. But in the end, Kristen won. Why? Because she's my wife, and she always gets to win. Except in bed, I always get to win, and win first, and win early. Sometimes Kristen gets to win...but I'm never home...Thank you, thank you very much. That's all I have for today kids...Love ya!



Blogger A Voice of Sanity said...

But I don't actually think Scott Peterson did it. He had a shitty lawyer, he was screwing some tramp that only wanted to extort money to get her own 'massage parlor' and finally they keep finding dead women in the same area they found his wife.

You are correct. Here are the actual facts:

• A visibly pregnant Laci Peterson vanishes from her home. No signs of a crime can be found - anywhere - ever - by any police agency.
• Her shoes are found abandoned on the side of the street, 170 feet from her house.
• Seven days after she vanishes, her watch is pawned in Modesto.
• Another woman is found in possession of Laci's Social Security card.
• Some time after that Laci's earrings are sold at an auction sale in Oakland.
• The California Highway Patrol receives a tip that a pregnant woman is being held captive in Tracy, close to Modesto, and is being abused. No investigation of this is done.
• Her body turns up four months later, found on the shore of San Francisco Bay, a place where many other bodies have been dumped and not far from Oakland.
• Her uterus has been cut open by someone unskilled in medical procedures.
• The fetus and the placenta are both missing.
• Some distance away, the body of her child is also found.
• He shows no signs of prematurity, he is full term and he is not curled up in the fetal position. There are no signs he was ever in the sea.
• The fetal cord has been crudely cut.
• A piece of twine has been double knotted around his neck, not to harm him but to keep his body wrapped in plastic bags to protect it. One of the bags is found nearby.
• Although Laci was not consuming anything with caffeine in it, she was found with caffeine in her system. Conner had none, showing that she consumed it after he was removed from her body.
• Laci was found wearing underwear with a wear pattern which shows she had worn it for the whole period of her abduction (which was 111 days).
• Her clothes were still on her body, something which could not happen unless they were retied after the baby was removed. It also shows she was in the water for a day or two at most.
• Her uterus is two to three weeks post partum, showing that she lived at least that long after the baby was removed from her body. The baby was found to be too large to fit into her womb.
• Although the body of the mother was simply discarded in the sea, either from the Albany Bulb or more likely from Point Isabel (it has been suggested in the Hoffman channel), the body of the baby is carefully laid on the shore at Point Isabel so it can be found and buried. This is clearly the work of someone who cared for the baby.

What part of this does NOT look like a failed fetus napping, where both mother and child have died?

9:04 AM

Anonymous Chrissy said...

Uh..yeah...what that guy up there said...I can take a hint, I added you to my blogroll as well. We miss you guys! I read your posts and can hear you talking. Lord, the good ole days. Hug Kristen for me.

8:26 PM

Anonymous Chrissy said...

Ahem. Um Ben, don't you think it's time you updated? Come on man, don't let me down, I put you on my blogroll! :-)

8:57 AM


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