Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can't be too careful with your company, I can feel the devil walking next to me

Alright, I don't want to take the time to update everyone on what's happened since I last wrote, but here's all you need to know. Every man has his boiling point. I finally reached mine with the company I work for. So Kristen and I left. Yup just vanished into thin air, you know, kind of like how I used to leave girls apartments in college, in the middle of the night, quietly... I learned a valuable lesson throughout this though. I worked for almost two years for a job/company/place that I couldn't stand. The Ben that I know wouldn't have tolerated that shit for so long. Here's some of the things I learned:

1) Maybe the most important: People/companies would much rather fuck you over than tell you the truth or be your friend.

2) Companies suck. You know, a lot of people hate their job. Hell I hate the new one I have now already, but when the company you work for bends you over without a reach around courtesy, that's just not cool. Hey companies, yeah you're big and mean and scary and have lots of money but you know what, tell your fucking employees the truth, treat people with respect and maybe you'll see the results you want. (Oh wait, be satisfied with the current numbers...that wouldn't happen)

3) Money isn't everything. Yeah, it's important, and nice to have, but health, friends, family and drugs...I mean uh music...yeah, that's more important.

4) Life's too short. I'm not gonna fuck around anymore. I'm getting old (almost 23, but we won't talk about that). You know, one day I'm gonna turn into my old man and all the issues that I currently discuss with my therapist won't matter because I'll be experiencing them for myself. If I want something, I'm gonna take it. If you piss me off, I'll call you a douchebag. (Just ask Kristen about my road rage) Screw it, screw you, what have you done for me?

That's about it for what I've learned so far. I got a job, so stop worrying about me mom (but do keep sending those checks). I wanted to get personalized license plates that said H8NLIFE but Kristen put the Kai bosh ? on that. Oh yeah, we're in Virginia now. Not the like incest part of the state, but the part near D.C. and Maryland. But if anybody had warned me that Kristen and I would be the only whites around, I would have rethought my options. Am I in America? I swear to moses I'm either in mexico or arabia depending on what services I need...pool cleaned, definitely mexico...need gas? definitely arabia.

All right, off to bed. Donde esta la Bano? Damn I'm getting good at Spanish. Arabic, I'm not so good at...Sim sim saima bimn...no wait, that's Hadji from Johnny Quest